Thanks to feedback from creative NHL® Big League Manager players, we have made some exciting modifications. There are four key changes: first, we introduced a simplified scoring system for the matches the NHL® General Manager's play against each other. This makes it easier to learn the game and GM's have the option of using the older, more complex scoring if they choose. ( click on the Downloads/FAQ's tab to see the "Classic" scoring rules). Second, free agency now allows the GM who is seeking the free agent to determine which player will be a free agent, within limits. In previous editions, it was the GM who was going to lose the free agent who would decide which player was up for grabs. Third, to reflect an emerging trend in the NHL®, we have created "long term contracts". These allow the GM to pay a premium to lock up players and prevent them from becoming free agents. Fourth, we created a new category of players: first round picks who are generally highly skilled but not highly paid and not eligible for free agency. 

You can identify this edition by the words "Platinum Edition" on the cover. There are four different versions of the cover. One has the NHL® shield, with the three others feature a Montreal Canadien, Toronto Maple Leaf or Vancouver Canuck player prominently.