We have had lots of great feedback from across Canada and the United States. Here's a small sample:

"Hi, I would like to say that a bunch of friends and I are completly in love with your game. I went on a trip to Toronto, to the Hockey Hall of Fame, and I noticed this big blue-ish box with a player who seems to be on a breakaway on a goalie. Of course, I came closer to see what it was. I looked at the price, and I though it worth the try.

And I was right!

We deeply love your game for multiple reasons:

1. We like hockey. More than anything. (Of course, you knew that)
2. The space your game gives is more than awesome. It like playing a game of Risk, Monopoly and controling a hockey team. all at once.
3. Everything looks good, feels right.

Creativity is a awsome factor in any game, and your's if always filled with it. You just can't play a game for the sake of ''playing a game''... - Dave, Montréal


"Bonjour, I would like to thank you for creating this extraordinary game. It's by far the best boardgame I've played. Merci beaucoup !!!" - Martin Renaud, (Quebec city ------ When will they decide to bring back the Nordiques ?????)


"Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much we like the Big League Hockey Manager Game. My son received the game for his 10th birthday from his grandparents(in PEI). I knew it was a good game the night of his birthday party sleepover when all 5 boys kept playing the game over and over again at the kitchen table. They must have played the game at least 5 times between Friday evening and Saturday morning. We only read the rules once and they made up some rules along the way. We just finished playing it as a family and it will definitly become a family game. Congratulations on creating such a good game. I'm going to buy it as birthday presents for my sons' hockey crazy friends! I'm sure it will become a favorite in their families too!" - Terri,Ottawa


"Hi there, just wanted to let you know how much I love BLM. I play it 4 times a week. All I need now is Big League Manager jersey!" - Reegan A


"Hi Matt,My friends and I love the game. Seeing as how the Leafs are so bad this year, we play BLM while having the game on, which kind of gives us something to enjoy while we put ourselves through the misery of watching. It has become a Tuesday tradition it seems, and I am happy to report that I am currently the reigning GM.We left current players out of the game for the most part, instead going for former greats and former (average players). It adds a lot of fun to the game when you see a competing GM draft Jurki Lumme, or Alexandre Daigle. Everyone has a good laugh. And where else are you ever going to see the likes of Maurice Richard, Wayne Gretzky and Marcel Dionne playing on the same line? All in all, a great game!" - Kevin B