Even as our BLM game-testers developed the Platinum Edition, they were still a lot of elements on the Classic edition they loved. This is the edition which we submitted to the Canadian Toy Testing Council two years and which got the "Best Bet" award. Every time we change the game, it shifts the strategy required to be succesful. In this edition, you have to figure out the value of "protection chips" which can protect players from some negative consequences )what are they worth in a trade or sale?). The complex, or sophisticated, scoring system is fun, once you figure it out. And the free agency rules put an added responsibility on a General Manager to try to figure out who to put on the market.

There are five covers to this game, each featuring an NHL® player shooting on a goalie. While a similar cover is used on some Platinum Editions, the easiest way to identify the Classic Edition is that it does not have the title "Platinum Edition" on the cover.