Congratulations! The children of the Canadian Toy Testing Council (CTTC) have given your toy a CTTC three star “***” rating – the highest level....Canadian Toy Testing Council, October 2007 (Complete Article)

In December 2007, the website for Canada's biggest newspaper, the Toronto Star, rated NHL Big League General Manager the highest among a group of board games it play tested. Here is the complete review:

This hockey game is the brainchild of CBC's Ian Hanomansing, who developed the concept as a teenager. It's a well-manufactured game and looks great. The players get to act like a general manager of an NHL team by drafting players and dealing with salary caps, trades and contracts. Each player builds a team but must stay within the restrictions. The rules are complex and, with a large group, take a good half hour to digest. The second time it's played, the game is more enjoyable and faster.

Ian, 11, liked it "because you think like a real GM. It's the best game I've ever played." Nicholas, 11, and Matt, 10, raved, "This game is fun." Andrea liked the fast pace and competition.

The adults – Greg, Jeff and Peter – liked that the game provided math lessons, since the kids have to count cash and add salaries. They noticed some technical writing gaps and that the game assumes knowledge of the NHL, so it's great for older kids or younger ones with adult supervision. Jeff, a former archivist with the Hockey Hall of Fame, gave this professional opinion: "The drafting sets the tone, which made Greg's team tough to beat, since he assembled such a great team."

Hanomansing hitting the big leagues...Ian Hanomansing, host of CBC's early evening news is attempting to make it in the big leagues. He's not hanging up his broadcasting mic to play for his favorite team - which is Montreal by the way - but has launched a new hockey board game....24hrs Newspaper, December 2006 (Complete Article)

Board-game makers shoot, hope to score...Ian Hanomansing and Gregory Baker have knocked on strangers' doors and made cold calls for three years, trying to kindle interest from retailers in their new hockey board game....Vancouver Province, Novemeber 2006 (Complete Article)

Winner of's coveted "Game of the Year, 2006"... With the playoffs almost upon us, it's time to plan ahead for those of us who go through "puck-withdrawal" during the summer months. Here's a locally created board game for all those hockey fans who have gone hoarse yelling at the refs, the linesmen, the players and most of all the managers for bad, 2006 (Complete Article)

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