About BLM Games Inc.

BLM Games Inc is an exciting new boutique game manufacturer based on Vancouver, British Columbia. The company's name comes from it's flagship product, the Big League Manager Hockey General Manager game. It debuted at Christmas 2005 in Vancouver and Toronto. The next year, the board game received licensing from the NHL™ and was sold in stores coast to coast.

In 2007, BLM combined it's NHL™ license, high quality design by Shirley Chen and manufacturing and distribution network to add three new products: Breakaway Puzzles, Children's Memory Game and a Stanley Cup® Expansion Pack for the General Manager game.

And now in 2008, five more exciting NHL™ products have been introduced: the NHL™ Big League Manager Deluxe Edition which combines the classic game with the Stanley Cup® Expansion Pack, the NHL™ Big League Manager Junior Edition, the Hockey Pond family puzzle, the Slapshot Hockey strategy card game and the Slapshot Hockey team expansion pack.

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