QUESTION: What happens if you land on the square that says '' LOSE GOALIE'' what happens if you have to trade the goalie, what happens if you don't have a back-up, and the other player(s) don't have a back-up goalie either?--- PS you've already went passed the start line and you've already either picked up 100 k, or drafted a player.

ANSWER: If you don't have a goalie when you land on this square, then it will have no impact on you. If you roll a "1", this affects your starting goalie, if you have one. Like a real GM, your goalie is putting a lot of pressure on you. You now either have to negotiate a trade – from a position of weakness – or if you fail, your goalie becomes a holdout.

As you’ll see in the rules, you place the holdout goalie aside until and unless you make a trade later. He counts as one of your roster players but not part of the payroll or salary cap, since you’re not paying him.


Now, if you roll a 2-6, this affects a goalie that doesn't have a protection chip. If you have more than one, you choose which one to release to the league (returning to the bottom of the goalie pile.) If you don’t have a goalie without a protection chip, no worries.



QUESTION: If player A trades a future pick to player B, does player B wait until player A lands on a "may draft...." square to draft?


QUESTION: Also, how much does it cost player B?

ANSWER: Whatever the cost of that draft is (unless otherwise agreed to).

QUESTION: If player A passes or lands on the "start square" does player B have to pay 500k?

ANSWER: That's an interesting question. We would suggest the GM's discuss this before they finalize the deal.

QUESTION:  Also if player B was looking for a forward but player A lands on "may draft Goalie" square, is that what player B must draft?

ANSWER:  Depends on what was specified in the trade (i.e. next draft pick or next goalie?).

QUESTION: Finally regarding future picks what if player B is at his roster limit when player A lands on the "may draft..." square? (assuming that’s how future draft trades work) Does player B lose the pick?

ANSWER: Excellent point. Yes, player B would lose the pick unless they could make a deal with player A to take a player.


QUESTION: Regarding "may trade any combo..." square: what is the point of this square? Cant a player make that exact trade on his own ---without landing on the square--- at the beginning or end of his turn? In the league notebook deck there is a card that allows for the same trade which states that it may be saved or traded... Why would anyone save the card when that trade can be made on their own on their turn anyway?

ANSWER: You're absolutely right. We really should have said "EXCHANGE", not trade. This square allows you to exchange  the combination to the league in exchange for draft picks. Sorry about that!


QUESTION: Unrestricted free agency. Page 16, #3. The free agent goes to the highest bigger and can be placed immediately in the starting six and given a protection chip. If he is not in the starting six, is he still given a protection chip?

ANSWER: Sure, if you want to put a chip there, you may.


QUESTION: In the rule book, on page 10, it says that the calder trophy has an age
limit. what is that age limit? does it have to go to youngest player, starting or entire roster, or player under 24? i can't find that info.

ANSWER: The Calder can only be attached to a player 25 years old or younger.


QUESTION: If you run out of a position and can't substitute because you don’t have any other players of that position, what do you do?

ANSWER: This is where you get penalized heavily for getting caught short. You enter the match with whichever players you have, which will lead to a big - but not insurmountable - gap in power rankings.

I’m sure your fellow GM’s will be willing to help you out….for a price!


QUESTION: The League Notebook  card for the Vezina Trophy says that it if for “Best Defense” and can therefore be attached only to a defenseman. Shouldn’t it read “Best Goalie” and be attached to a goaltender?

ANSWER: Yes, that was a typo in some of the Edition Two (copyright 2006) games. It should be Best Goalie.


QUESTION: If you have no player 25 or under do you lose the Calder back into the deck?

ANSWER: No, just hang on to it and use it when you can.

QUESTION: For the Rookie Award, the rules say there is an age limit but there is no age limit on the card. What should the limit be?

ANSWER: We were as tenacious as Bob Gainey on the forecheck when we proofread the new, third edition of the game, but you're right, we missed this. The Calder - the rookie award - can only be attached to players 25 years old or younger. Hey, even Gainey missed his check once in a while!


QUESTION: On page 14 square 26, it says that we can release up to 2 players for a total of 50k or for 50K each?

ANSWER: When in doubt, always go for the most literal interpetation. For this square it will cost you 50K whether you release on player or two. (A steal when you're in danger of going over the roster limit.).


QUESTION: I was wondering if protected players are exempted from retirement squares?

ANSWER: First, protection chips exempt a player from restricted free agency. Other than that, they are only relevant if a square or card explicitly exempts a player with a protection chip.

Remember, you can only move protection chips at the beginning or end of your turn. They also remain separate from a player. In other words, you can deal a player without a chip or a chip without a player.

How much is a chip worth? One of the neat things about the game is that the market changes depending on the supply and demand at that moment.

QUESTION: When a player retires and he goes to the middle of the board and then later on you pick up the card that says MAY COAX PLAYER OUT OF  RETIREMENT can you get someone else's retired player?

ANSWER: Yes, you can go after any retired player.


QUESTION: In the 2007 edition of the game, on page three on the English Manual, it says white protection chips protect from unrestricted free agency. In French, it says they protect from free agency.

Also, on page 10, in English it says protected players are exempted.

One other thing. On page ten, in English, it says players eligible for restricted free agency are 22 and older while in French it says players between 22 and 28 years old.  Please help clarify.

ANSWER: Wow, we need to hire you as a proof reader. We checked and re-checked our French and English texts but you discovered some mistakes.

Protection chips exempt a player from restricted free agency. Only players 22 and older are eligible for restricted free agency.


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